Welcome to my portfolio of sound design, soundtracks and ambiences for video games.

I believe that high-quality games deserve high quality audio design.

My craft is certified with a first-class degree in music composition and over a decade of music expertise.

My Sound Design Portfolio

Randolomeo’s The Vox Journey (ongoing collaboration)

Collaborating with the experienced indie developer Randolomeo, DHSFX is progressively crafting specialised audio SFX and musical ambiences for the in-development isometric RPG.

Screenshot of pre-alpha gameplay of The Vox Journey

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Audio Re-design

In this game trailer audio re-design, I replace the original audio for the 2013 Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer with my own blend of sound design and music composition.


Cold Frontier and The Winter Forest

These two ambient tracks capture the sense of tranquility and wispiness of snowy wintertime forests. They are inspired by the North American wilderness and are short, loop-able tracks.

University Work

The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World (2021)

This large-scale project is an audio-visual exhibition which explores the ambient sounds of four unique regions of the fictional planet, Tyrannos. Composed as my final masters degree project, The Surface of Tyrannos has been my most ambitious and well-received composition project to-date.

I have produced a number of game audio assets since Spring 2020 which are available for download through the Unity Asset Store and Itch.io. The asset packs range from composed orchestral soundtracks to ambiences and sound effects each tailored for different genres of games.