Hello, I’m Dafydd.
First and foremost, I’ve been a pianist for most my life though the past four years have allowed me to branch into composition through my university degrees.

With the experience gained from university, I’ve developed into a passionate creator of ambient tracks and audio assets for video games which I publish on the Unity Asset Store!

I work with new and upcoming indie developers by supplying high-quality music, ambiences and sound effects tailored for a variety of games.

I began publishing tracks and sound effects in mid-2020 under the alias DHSFX, following my undergraduate degree in composition at Bangor University, and continue to work with indie game developers since graduating with a distinction in Composition and Sonic Art.

During my masters degree at Bangor University, I specialised in acousmatic composition under the award-winning British composer and head of music at Bangor University, Professor Andrew Lewis.

During my later studies, I refined specialised compositional techniques by creating acousmatic soundscapes and spatialised music, in addition to learning how to blend narrative within my work – demonstrated with Voskhod 2, Three Acousmatic Soundscapes Based Upon 19th Century Novels and The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World.

In the midst of my Masters degree, I also submitted and presented several studies based upon audio technologies in video games to Bangor University through the mediums of essays and presentations.

Outside of my education, my hobbies consist of playing piano, guitar, video games, and creating visual arts (drawing and painting, 3D voxel art) and engaging in physical fitness routines.

I currently reside in North Wales where I work from home, but have set myself the post-university goal to reside in England where I may work under a video game development studio.