Ambitious at video game sound design! I’m a recently-graduated first-class Master of Composition and Sonic Art who is certified in Wwise (101) and experienced in providing game audio assets and utilising Logic X, Unity engine and FMOD.

Dafydd Harvey (DHSFX), video game sound designer and composer

A passionate first-class Masters of Composition and Sonic Art graduate certified in audio integration middleware tools (Wwise 101) and experienced in publishing video game audio assets by utilising multiple DAWs, audio software and game engines.
A talented grade 8 pianist with over a decade of experience in performance, orchestral notation and musicology, who is searching for a sound designer position under a welcoming game development studio.

I hold a certification for Wwise (101), and I am skilled at utilising Logic X, Reaper and Unity engine.
I’m also a grade 8 pianist and recreational-level guitarist with postgraduate-level experience in performance, orchestral notation and musicology.






Sound Designer


Logic Pro X



Retail and shipping at Harvey Angling; Pontypridd, Wales
(2016 – 2017)
Earliest employment within a family-run business on a paid wage involved processing, packaging and shipping online orders, managing and restocking supplies on the shop floor and providing customer service at a checkout.

Self-employed piano teacher; Bangor, Wales
Offered paid lessons in music theory and piano playing technique to beginner and intermediate-level students at Bangor University. This self-employed job primarily developed communication, composure and teaching skills with students at a variety of abilities, in addition to research and financing skills.

Freelance sound designer and composer, DHSFX
The sound effects and music publisher alias DHSFX has created and published game audio assets on the Unity Asset Store and for the past year, which have obtained over 15,000 unique downloads. The assets have received acclimation and positive reviews and have been used in several published games on Steam, the Google Play Store and by a variety of indie developers.