The Personal Stuff

At a glance, my repetoire consists of ambient, acousmatic, electronic, piano and orchestral music, but I’m always experimenting with different styles. I enjoy composing as a cathartic hobby and passion. Not everything I write is exclusive to video game music or sound effects!

Here is where you can find my latest personal projects and recreational music. All of my music is available through Soundcloud, with new tracks being embedded on this page.

If you are searching for my University compositions and projects or Audio Assets for Games, these can be found elsewhere on this site.

Latest Tracks

Litany of The Abyss

A piece built upon distorted chants with a driving rhythm throughout, Litany of The Abyss is inspired by dark religious themes and stories.

The Cold Frontier and The Winter Forest

These two ambient tracks capture the sense of tranquility and wispiness of snowy wintertime forests. They are inspired by the North American wilderness and are short, loop-able tracks.

Cold Frontier
The Winter Forest

Electroacoustic Music

The Surface of Tyrannos
The White Whale
Down the Rabbit Hole
Voskhod 2: Swimming in Outer Space
Scenes from the War of the Worlds

Piano Music

Romantic Piano Improvisations
Piano Soundtracks for Video Games
The Indomitable Castle
The Waterlily Romance

Ambient Music

Seaside Daydream
Cold Frontier
Aquatic Soundscapes – Adventure Game Music
The Winter Forest
Unnerving Ambient Sounds – Horror Game Sound Effects

Electroacoustic-Orchestral Music

Voskhod 2
The Underworlds
The Skylands
Voskhod 2: The Impossible
The Waterworlds
WIP Orchestration
Voskhod 2: Little Eagle
The Wildlands

Orchestral Music

Voskhod 2: The Voyage (Short Version)
The Bluebird
Fantasy Video game Music – RPG Soundtracks

Electronic Music

Electronic Videogame Music

Sound Effects

Fantasy Stinger Sound Effects
Horror Stinger Sound Effects