The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World

Interactive Installation Layout

Large-scale setup and small-scale setup

In its conceptual large-scale exhibition setting, the project would be setup as an interactive art installation by exhibiting the visual illustrations, environmental paintings and descriptions of each region upon the walls of a building’s interior, and setting-up multiple loudspeakers scattered across the room (dependant on interior building space and speaker availability) which play the audible ambiences of each environment and its creatures.

Each painting and drawing will have a small light-up red button below it, which triggers an audio file to be sent through an audio interface and audio-routing software (such as a Maxpatch) when pushed. If the button belongs to one of the environmental landscape paintings, it will loop the 3-4 minute ambient acousmatic soundscape for that chosen region until the button of another region’s environment is pushed.

If the pushed button belongs to a creature drawing which lives within the currently-playing soundscape, it will play one of the several randomly-selected creature sounds for that creature through a randomly-chosen speaker, and be placed upon a 30-120 second cool-down during which it cannot be activated again.

Each induvidual creatures’ sounds can be found within this YouTube playlist, or by navigating to its region page by clicking one of the left-hand-side buttons at The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World.

A smaller-scale conceptual exhibition may feature the visual artwork exhibited upon four walls without interactive buttons, with four loudspeakers in each corner of the room playing the fully idealised composer-crafted blend of creatures and ambiences as a pre-rendered audio track in stereo-to-4 channel speaker arrangement without any direct listener interaction.