The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World

The Grasslands

The Grasslands
The Grasslands

Tyrannos’ most ecologically rich and diverse regions are the bustling jungles and grasses of The Grasslands. Within the luscious vegetation, creatures of The Grasslands hunt, stalk and contest for food. Whether herbivorous prey or carnivorous predator, there are many hiding spots and vantage points amongst the densely-packed jungle trees and grasses.

Smaller omnivorous creatures of the jungle canopies, such as the Orsáks, indulge upon a diet of hard-shelled insectoids and critters, and fruits and saps of the Bagoa trees.
Some prominent creatures in the food chain of The Grasslands are the carnivorous Saurids and Vampyrs, which frequently stalk the thick foliage and hunt the smaller Orsáks. Ungalas are undoubtedly the peaceful rulers of The Grasslands, and tower amongst the treetops feasting upon the leaves and branches of the jungle trees.

The flourishing jungles of The Grasslands have been inhabited by ferocious beasts, small tree- dwelling creatures and insectoids for millennia, and have remained unchanged in their primal state for millions of years. Convergent evolution within The Grasslands shows that creature height and camouflage abilities are the most prominent traits, as creatures with these features have easier access to food sources, therefore increasing their survivability chance.
The ambient sounds of The Grasslands are consistent of small insectoids and amphibious critters, distant howls of various creatures, rustling of leaves and bushes, snapping twigs, footsteps and rain.

The Grasslands is the second scene within the full rendition of The Surface of Tyrannos, and is heard at 4:00-8:00.

Ambience of The Grasslands