The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World

The Summits

The Summits

The most elevated regions of Tyrannos are the grand sky-scraping peaks of The Summits, inhabited by colossal avian creatures which drift along the swift currents and roost amongst the craggy cliffs. The winds of the mountains carry harmonic tones and brisk winds which travel down the valleys, creating rapid currents for the avian inhabitants of The Summits to ride upon.

The mountains of The Summits soar above the lower hilly Grasslands and lowland Wild Plains, with their contour affecting the climate of the continent. The mountains generate intense winds and mists which travel down the mountains where they form dense fogs and breezes carried to Tyrannos’ other regions.
The smallest creatures of these lands are the Romies – bristly-furred avians which number in the thousands and nest within the cliff faces, which are predated by the fierce sky-dwelling Ramphas and terrifying Teros’.
The ambient sounds of The Summits are made of harmonic chordal clusters on the winds, breezes and distant avian creatures.

The Summnits is the third scene within the full rendition of The Surface of Tyrannos, and is heard at 8:00-12:00.

Ambience of The Summits