The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World

The Wild Plains

One of Tyrannos’ ancient inhabited land regions, The Wild Plains are formed of hot, dried-up salt lakes with a small amount floral life. The plants and foliage of this region consist of angular, thin trees and shrubs which are fed upon by herbivores and omnivores of the lands.
Many generations ago, The Wild Plains were once inhabited by gargantuan sub-aquatic species which were forced to migrate to the depths of Tyrannos’ Atolls when climate change caused the rivers and lakes of The Wild Plains to dry-up completely.

The post-climate change atmosphere of The Wild Plains consists of roasting heat for most of the region’s seasons which cracks the surface and causes an arid landscape, and also occasionally generates powerful thunderstorms when humidity travels over from The Grasslands and night-time condensation of the salt beds.

The key creatures within the food chain of The Wild Plains are the herbivorous Cerus and Datoas, which frequently fall prey to the carnivorous Triphalopods, Saurids and scavengers such as the Piform.
The ambient sounds of The Wild Plains are formed of crackling wildfires, harmonic tunes carried upon the wind, distant various creatures, loud thunder strikes and drizzling rain.

The Wild Plains is the opening scene within the full rendition of The Surface of Tyrannos, and is heard at 0:00-4:00.

Ambience of The Wild Plains