The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World


The Surface of Tyrannos is a composition and conceptional sound installation which explores four regions of the fictional alien planet, Tyrannos.

The piece presents an interactive multi-channel audiovisual experience in its intended installation layout in an exhibition room or interior public walkthrough, but is also available as a stereo headphone at-home listening experience.

Full rendition of The Surface of Tyrannos, featuring The Wild Plains (0:00), The Grasslands (4:00), The Summits (8:00), and The Atolls (12:00)

When listening to The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World with headphones, it is recommended to view the downloadable PDF of accompanying visual media below.

The timestamps for each region’s place in the full track are labelled in the description on SoundCloud, or the caption of the embedded SoundCloud link on this page.

“Unlike anything I have encountered before.”

Head of Music Department at Bangor University and Professor in Composition, Andrew Lewis

Program Note

The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World is an audio-visual exhibition which explores the sounds of four unique regions of the fictional planet, Tyrannos. The regions are called The Wild Plains, The Grasslands, The Atolls and The Summits. A blend of ambient and atmospheric soundscapes with sound design of each region’s fauna culminates to form a loosely thematic piece in four movements, exhibiting the diverse sounds of each region’s environments and creatures.