The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World

The Atolls

The Atolls

At the base of the grand mountains of Tyrannos’ Summits lies a shimmering, vivid coastline of diverse marine life. Shallow, bustling waters crash against the coast, and plunge into vast chasms of darkness abound the drop-offs further toward the oceans.

It is within these dark depths which lie Tyrannos’ largest, most hideous and terrifying creatures. Beings so consumed by the deep and deprived of light that their visual organs have evolved into hollow orifices and their nutrition supply dependant upon predating others due to lack of flora in the deep Atolls. The giant creatures here must excise slow movements to guise their colossal size from potential prey, and conserve as much energy as possible.

The creatures of The deepest Atolls include The Ophis; titanic creatures of teeth and stone – fused to the ocean floor amongst the deepest-dwelling corals. They extend upwards when prey is within their vicinity, closing in from all angles with gargantuan mouths and entrapping any poor beings which drift within range.

Another is The Murae; an intelligent dragon-like creature with a face-full of teeth, lack of eyes and glistening spines to lure its prey. The Capods resemble mythical krakens with organic radars, and Urods wriggle swiftly through the deep with their eel-like bodies; snatching up prey larger than themselves with dislocating jaws and spears-for-teeth.
The Atolls are Tyrannos’ fiercest and most unforgiving regions, with life expectancy for inhabiting creatures significantly lower than that of the relatively calm Wild Plains, Grasslands or Summits of the lands.
The ambient sounds of The Atolls are made of crashing tides and waves, glistening chimes and sparkles, reverberated echoes and distant harmonies and bassy drones.

The Atolls is the fourth and final scene within the full rendition of The Surface of Tyrannos, and is heard at 12:00-16:00.

Ambience of The Atolls