The Wildlands


The Wildlands reflects an environment of wild open grassy plains and fields, and replicates sounds of the forest and fields.

This piece sought to imitate the sounds of the forest and open fields and plains. In the soundscape, one of the sounds used to do this utilised an electric organ which was powered off while sustaining a chord. In the sound produced, there are similarities to the calls of elk, which are found in wooded regions and the wilderness.
Other sounds used to replicate the forest are recordings of birds, insects, shakers and electronic sounds manipulated to create creaking tree branches.
The main inspiration behind the orchestration of The Wildlands is from Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. A somewhat direct example can be found in the percussion section at bars 2-10 in Episode I, which resemble the tenor drums in first piece from the soundtrack, Hoist the Colors.
Episode II 
of The Wildlands is loosely inspired by Zimmer’s orchestration throughout its duration.