University Projects

Throughout my four years at Bangor University I have specialised in a variety of compositional styles which cover orchestration, solo instrumental pieces, improvisational music, soundscapes and acousmatic music.

Masters Degree (2020-21)

The Surface of Tyrannos: Sonic Illustrations for a Fantasy World (2021)

The Surface of Tyrannos is my most recent and ambitious large-scale composition project and combines elements of sound design, acousmatic soundscaping, world building, visual concept art and speculative zoology of an alien planet.

Three Atmospheric Soundscapes Based on Nineteenth Century Novels (May 2021)

Down The Rabbit Hole, Scenes From The War of The Worlds and The White Whale

These three induvidual pieces feature acousmatic soundscaping driven by the narratives of three nineteenth century novels. Passages from the novels are turned into spoken quotes and combined with electroacoustic sounds.

Arfordiroedd (May 2021)

This Debussy-style piano duet improvisation combines with recorded material and software instruments to create a gentle seaside-inspired atmospheric piece. which has been notated as a visual accompaniment and for reproduction.

Voskhod II (January 2021)

Voskhod 2 is a cinematic electro-acoustic orchestral piece based upon the 1965 USSR spacemission, Voskhod 2.
The 15-minute piece is presented with a PDF graphic score accompaniment. Voskhod 2 is to be listened to as acousmatic music, rather than being performed live.

The Waterlily Romance (January 2021)

Inspired by the 20th century modernist composer Leo Ornstein, The Waterlily Romance is a piano work which incorporates use of Ornstein-like colouring effects, tone clusters, and phrasing in the style of a written improvisation.

Bachelors Degree (2017-20)

Sound Worlds (November 2019)

Soundworlds is a composition project consisting of four quasi-acousmatic orchestral pieces inspired by fantasy environments.

Sound Worlds explores a combination of synthesised instruments with recorded and manipulated material. The piece was originally designed for 8-channel surround sound, but is currently only available as a stereo listening experience.

There are four unique ‘environments’ each with two subsequent movements. Full orchestral scores were crafted for the project to accompany the listening experience.

The Bluebird (June 2019)

The Bluebird is a SATB choral piece based upon the poem ‘Hope’ by Emily Dickinson. The piano accompaniment features extensive use of arpeggios and thick textures, and also features a short solo section midway through the piece.

Interlude in G minor (March 2019)

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Bedd Gelert (January 2019)

Bedd Gelert is a theatrical brass quintet piece featuring stage direction for instrumentalists based upon the story of Gelert, and old Welsh folk tale of a loyal hound slain by his master. Presented in 5 scenes with on-stage instrumentalists, each character is portrayed by an instrument which follows instructions for when to enter and leave the stage as per each scene of the story.

Galápagos (November 2018)

Inspired by the Galápagos islands, this 2-minute atmospheric-instrumental piece is thickly textured and evokes the sounds of the deep sea and volcanic island.

Enchantment (June 2018)

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The Nautilus (April 2018)

The Nautilus is a brass quintet based upon the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence determines various elements of the music, including the structure, tempo and tonality of the piece.

Pandora (January 2018)

Slippery Scales (January 2018)

Teyrnged i Calon Lan (January 2018)

Unease (November 2017)