Video Games


Here you can find a collection of indie-developed video games associated with DHSFX through the use of audio assets purchased from the Unity Asset Store and

If you are interested in a collaborative project or have any queries, please get in touch through the enquiries page.

OptiMAST, Square Game (2020)

Square game was the first Steam game published using DHSFX audio assets, making use of the Electronic Videogame Music soundtrack pack published in July 2020.

Test your thinking and strategy skills in a remake of the classic puzzle game, Microsoft Russian Square: Plus! Edition.

Nifty Duck, Brave Ball (2020)

Brought to you by the developer of the 2D co-op platformer LAB706, Brave Ball was the first game published to the Google Play Store to use DHSFX’s Electronic Videogame Music, and is available for free download on android devices.

Brave Ball is a 3D game where you move a ball with your finger to avoid obstacles. The rules are simple: go as high as possible, don’t touch the obstacles and collect power ups to become invincible! With its simple gameplay, you’ll be able to have fun wherever you want. Try it!

John Russel (GameDevJohn), Contain (2020)

Indie developer John Russel published his first online multiplayer Kuthrote Kidz in January 2020 and has been working on numerous projects since. His more recent arcade twin stick shooter CONTAIN makes use of DHSFX’s popular soundtrack pack Electronic Videogame Music.

Version 2 is finally done!  You play as Captain Spaceship, a brave hexagon . Fly around shooting the green circles and rectangles until you find the boss. Afterwards you’ll have to find your way back to the entrance before everything explodes.

Temby Studios (MarcusFromOz), Lost and Found (GameJam 2021)

Indie developer Temby Studios (MarcusFromOz) are known for their 3D isometric-style tower defence and 3D exploration games built upon the Unity engine. Mark Temby has personally conversed with DHSFX regarding their integration of Unnerving Ambient Sounds – Horror Game Sound Effect Pack in their successful 2021 GameJam contribution Lost and Found – GameJam 2021.

Can you get through the five levels before the time runs out?